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Author:  SteveRodham [ Wed Jul 29, 2020 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Peter Neal - Return To Zero - Message To Love


Peter Neal talking about Return to Zero:
The book was an integral part of a project that included a feature-length documentary film. My partner in this project, Alan Douglas, died in 2014, shortly after the book was published. Since then I’ve been involved in dealing with his estate, trying to get the film finished and finding the best way to release it. Now is a good time to shine some light on it. We seem to have turned full circle. 50 years on from Woodstock we again have a deeply divided society facing the same issues we faced in the 1960s. Namely, inequality, social injustice, systemic racism, the threat of war, poverty, the refugee crisis and climate change. All subjects Jimi tackles in the book and in the film. Unfortunately, because of failure to act, we are in even worse shape now than we were in the 1960s. With this in mind, in September I’ll be hosting a multi-media presentation focused on Jimi’s messages on all the above issues. I’ll be using clips from my film to illustrate. Our website is: http://www.jimihendrixreturns.earth

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As this does not involve any input from EH, there may be trouble ahead.

Author:  SteveRodham [ Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Peter Neal - Return To Zero - Message To Love

Statement by Peter Neal, 3rd August 2020

In 1967 I grabbed my cubic centimetre of chance to make a film with Jimi Hendrix. Experience (aka See My Music Talking) was made ad hoc, in my spare time, and on a shoestring. Nobody else made a film about Jimi during his lifetime.

In 2013, after 20 years of struggle, I finally got my book published: Jimi Hendrix Starting at Zero, his own story: www.starting-at-zero.com. Now I am trying to finish and release the film of the same name. If you have appreciated these efforts to carry a torch for Jimi, please show that appreciation by supporting the Jimi Hendrix Returns Event on 19th September this year: www.jimihendrixreturns.earth.

Remember and act on Jimi’s Message To Love. Though it may not be fashionable in these extreme and polarised times, it is exactly what the sane but mostly silent majority need. Jimi used his God-given talent as an artist to offer solutions and I was reminded of that fact by the words of a true American hero, Congressman John Lewis, in the letter he left to be published on the day of his funeral. An extract:
“You must study and learn the lessons of history, because humanity has been involved in this soul-wrenching existential struggle for a very long time. People on every continent have stood in your shoes through decades and centuries before you. The Truth does not change and that is why answers worked out long ago can help you find solutions to the challenges of our time.”

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